Enrollment eligibility:

Any person who can prove direct lineal descent via documented genealogy to any of the Melungeon families that resided in the Melungeon counties of Eastern Tennessee, Eastern Kentucky, Southern West Virgina, North Carolina, and Virginia from 1600-present day, OR one of the enrolled Melungeon descendants currently residing in or that migrated to the Southeastern area of the Midwest of the 1930's-1950's.  A list of currently accepted family surames and origin counties can be found under our Ancestors page.  Children 16 and under must have parental consent to enroll.

*will work with adoptees without access to closed records, please contact midwestlosthistory@gmail.com*


Enrollment procedure:

An application from the President General is needed and may be requested. The prospective member then completes an application from themself back to their Ancestor, providing usual genealogical proofs to the Registrar General along with the one time application processing fee ($25* refundable if not approved) there are no further monetary requirements for lifetime enrollment. WikiTrees or Family trees from Ancestry are not acceptable proof unless accompanied by accepted documents (vital records, census, etc) but an approved application from an already enrolled member or noted "sister Society" such as the DAR or ADEAW may be a starting point to help find a direct line. A genealogist can be provided free of charge if help is needed obtaining proofs.

*Enrollment fee can be reduced or waived for low income families*

Request for Enrollment Application:

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